Our Philosophy

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distinctive (di stingk´t tiv) adj. 1. Distinguishing. 2. Marked superiority; notable; eminence. 3. Clear to the senses and intellect. 4. Caché.

Distinctive building #1Distinctive building #2Distinctive building #3

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ingénue (an´ zhә no̅o̅´) n. 1. Originality of invention and construction. 2. Cleverly resourceful. 3. Skillful of conception and design.

Rhapsody Design Group  integrates a project’s function, personality, and space to create a unique design aesthetic.

West elevationSection viewEast elevation

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prescient (pre´sci•ent) n. Knowledge of things before they exist or happen; foresight. Thoughtful design.

Thoughtful design, considering the entire implementation details, ensures client satisfaction.

Citroen DS-21 convertible, x-ray perspectiveCitroen DS-21 side profile cutawayCitroen DS-21 cruising the highway with top down

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gestalt (gә-shtält´) n. Unified whole; harmonious configuration, pattern, or organized field having specific properties that cannot be derived from the summation of its component parts.

We have assembled an orchestra where each player has been chosen for their unique expertise. We conduct every movement so that they harmonize on each aspect of the project.

Multiunit housingOceanside homeTropical community swimming pool

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gesture (jes´chәr) n. 1. Movement or design that is expressive of an idea, opinion, emotion, or ambience.

Gesture #1Gesture #2Gesture #3

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Rhapsody  transforms your ideas and soul into space.

attune (ә-to̅o̅n´) v. Bring into accord, harmony, or sympathetic relationship.

Your point of view is communicated throughout the creation continuum.

Fieldscape (painting)Village street (painting)Country lane (painting)

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Our unique vision promises that your project will be a special one of a kind that reflects your personality.

novel (nov-әl) adj. New, fresh, adaptive from the original in a unique and timeless way.

The Rhapsody Design Group assists clients who seek the unique.

If you or we can dream it, Rhapsody can make it happen for you.

Auto with legsFlying carJet car

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formidable (fôr´mi dә bәl) adj. 1. Arousing feelings of awe and admiration. 2. Vastly superior, exceptional. 3. Great strength, forceful, powerful.

Rhapsody assists clients who seek the unique and has over 90 years of combined experience, from Manhattan and the Hamptons, to Atlanta, Cashiers-Highlands, Saint Simons-Sea Island, Florida, and to Bermuda & the Caribbean.

Rhapsody is your single design source from project conception to completion.

Blue Ridge Mountains of North CarolinaAtlanta skylineGeorgia seacoast at sunset

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